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Teslashock for India's EV dream: Do we need a 'bulldoze' policy?


Tesla had said inJune that it was exploring with government officialsin Shanghai the possibility of opening a facility to build electric vehicles for the Chinese market.


NEWDELHI: India got a rude shock when electric-car maker Tesla Inc recentlyfinalised a deal to build its own manufacturing plant in China. For months,Tesla had been exploring to set up a plant in India. The news should wake upthe Indian government that wants all the cars in the country to be electric in13 years—and has announced it would do whatever it takes to meet that target.

新德里: 当电动汽车制造商特斯拉最近敲定了在中国建立制造工厂的交易时&^,印度对此无比震惊。几个月来&*^,特斯拉一直在寻求在印度设立一家工厂&。印度政府原希望可以在13年内将全国所有的汽车都电动汽车,并宣布将不惜一切代价实现这一目标,而这条新闻应该唤醒印度政府了&。

India has set for itself an ambitious target of having only electric cars by2030. Recently, Union road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari spokeof bulldozing his way to the target at the annual convention of the Society ofIndian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM). "We should move towards alternativefuel. I am going to do this, whether you like it or not. And I am not going toask you. I will bulldoze it," Gadkari said.

印度已经为自己设定了一个雄心勃勃的目标&,即到2030年只拥有电动汽车^。最近&,印度交通部长尼丁·贾德卡里在印度汽车制造商协会(SIAM)的年度大会上谈到*^,他将清除一切阻碍*&,实现最后的目标?!拔颐怯Ω孟蚩商娲剂献?*。不管你们喜不喜欢,我都将这样做&**。我不会征求你们的意见^。我将会把它推翻?*!?br />
While theadvanced world moves towards replacing fossil-fuel vehicles with electric ones,India wants to take a leap. The target is, in fact, more daunting than in manyadvanced countries. For example, Britain will ban the sale of new petrol anddiesel cars 10 years after India, from 2040.


While infrastructure, scale and technology are big challenges, the biggest itseems is the policy.


Citing sources, The Wall Street Journal reported a week ago that electric-carmaker Tesla Inc. had reached an agreement to set up its own manufacturingfacility in China. Tesla struck a deal with Shanghai authorities that wouldmake it the first foreign automaker to build its own plant in China.

The Silicon Valley electric carmaker's wholly-owned manufacturing facilitywould be built in Shanghai's free-trade zone and could allow Tesla todramatically lower the cost of its cars in China. China usually requiresforeign automakers to set up joint ventures with local Chinese partners, whichinvolves splitting profits and giving away some technology, though they alsoavoid import tariffs.


Tesla had said in June that it was exploring with government officials inShanghai the possibility of opening a facility to build electric vehicles forthe Chinese market.

But Tesla had also considered to build its plant in India.


A few months ago, Anand Mahindra, chairman of M&M and India's maverickentrepreneur who is constantly testing boundaries, goaded tesla founder ElonMusk on Twitter. Musk had tweeted about India's resolve to have only electriccars by 2030. Mahindra tweeted, "Time you got out here Elon. You don’twant to leave the whole market to Mahindra, do you? The more the merrier — andgreener.” Musk tweeted back, "Good point :-)"

几个月前,M&M(马恒达集团)的董事长&,同时也是印度特立独行的企业家---阿南德-马恒达*^,一直在Twitter上煽动特斯拉创始人埃隆·马斯克。在马斯克推特了印度决心在2030年之前只拥有电动汽车这个消息后^,马恒达就推特说:“埃隆&,是时候来这里了^^&。你不想把整个市场留给马恒达吧^,不是吗?人越多越好,越环保&。马斯克在推特上回复说:“好想法 :-)”

What made Tesla go to China first? The policy. It seems the Indian governmentwas not willing to make an exception for Tesla when it came to the laws thatrequires foreign companies to source 30 per cent of their parts locally.

Tesla hadinitiated talks with the government to enter India through the single-brandretail route, which comes with several riders including mandatory sourcing ofup to 30% of the value of goods sold in the country. Musk had also tweetedabout the high import duty and sourcing requirements. "In discussions withthe government of India, requesting temporary relief on import penaltiesrestrictions until a local factory is built," he had tweeted on June15. 

特斯拉已开始与印度政府进行谈判,通过单一品牌的零售路线进入印度市场^,同时谈判内容还包括强制在印度进行相当于销售货物价值的30%的采购&。马斯克还在推特上发布了有关高进口税和采购要求的消息。他在6月15日的推特上写道:“在与印度政府的讨论中,我们要求暂时解除对惩罚性进口关税*&,直到当地一家工厂建成*?&!?br />
Last year, Gadkari had visited the Tesla factory in the US. Despite mass appealof Tesla in India and even interest at high levels of government, Tesla choseto set up a plant first in China. That was hardly an illustration of Indiangovernment "bulldozing" its way to the all-electric target of 2030