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The world's most expensive shot of a '139-year-old' whisky sold to a Chinese millionaire for £7,900 has been revealed as a fake made in 1972.


Zhang Wei, who was staying at at Waldhaus Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, paid 9,999 Swiss francs for a glass of Scotch believing it had been made in 1878 by the revered producer Macallan.


It was thought to have been the only remaining unopened bottle of the celebrated vintage until Wei, a martial arts fantasy writer, ordered a measure of the precious contents in the hotel's Devil's Place Whisky Bar.


However, doubts soon started to emerge about the authenticity of the drink after experts noticed discrepancies in the bottle's cork and label. 


The hotel, which served the two-centilitre drink in good faith believing it to be real, asked experts in Scotland to check the contents and it has now been revealed to be a fake. Manager Sandro Bernasconi flew to China to reimburse Wei after it emerged the bottle was made between 1970 and 1972 and that it was most likely a blended Scotch and not a single malt.

这家酒店坚信自己卖给张威的那杯酒(20ml)是真的,并邀请苏格兰的专家们进行了检测,结果被证明是假酒。这瓶酒产于1970-1972年间,且非纯麦芽威士忌,而是兑和型的。Sandro Bernasconi 经理已飞往中国,向张威支付了赔偿。

Zhang Wei (centre), who was staying at at Waldhaus Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, paid 9,999 Swiss francs for a glass of Scotch believing it had been made in 1878 by the revered producer Macallan. Manager Sandro Bernasconi has since refunded him after tests revealed it was a fake

经理 Sandro Bernasconi 已经将这笔钱退还给了张威(中间)&&。

The luxury Swiss hotel said in August it would carry out tests on one of its rare bottles of whisky amid claims it wa a fake after Wei paid £7,900 for just one shot (pictured)


The guest at Waldhaus Hotel in St. Moritz (pictured) paid 9,999 Swiss francs for a glass of Scotch believing it had been made in 1878 by the revered producer Macallan

入住圣莫里茨 瓦尔德豪斯酒店(如图)的客人花费了9999瑞士法郎&,喝了一杯据信是1878年麦卡伦酒厂酿造的苏格兰威士忌。

According to the BBC, Bernasconi said Wei was not angry and 'thanked me very much for the hotel's honesty.'  

据英国广播公司报道&,Bernasconi 说&,该顾客并没有生气,“并且对酒店的诚实非常感谢?!薄?br />
In August this year Bernasconi told the 20 Minuten newspaper the allegations that the drink was fake would be investigated in an attempt to determine whether they were true. 

今年8月&,Bernasconi 向《20分钟报》表示,这瓶酒是真是假需要检测。

The bottle had been purchased 25 years ago by his father for a five-digit sum and had been valued at 50,000 Swiss francs (£40,000).


At the time, the hotel said it would take legal action against whoever sold them the bottle if was found to be fake. 

Bernasconi 早些时候曾告诉过《20分钟报》,他从未想过要打开这个特别的宝藏&。

The Devil's Place Whisky Bar has been honoured for its 2,500 bottle collection, including by the Guinness Book of World Records.


Bernasconi had earlier told 20Minuten he never expected to open this particular treasure.


After entering the bar with a group of people, the client expressed particular interest in the Macallans - the hotel has 47 options, ranging from seven to 10,000 Swiss francs


'I told the customer that the most expensive Macallan was not for sale', Bernasconi was quoted as saying by the website.

根据Bernasconi 在网上的说法&,他曾告诉过该名顾客,最昂贵的那瓶麦卡伦是非卖品。

The client persisted, so Bernasconi called his father, who had run the hotel for more than two decadess and never had a client order the 1878. The elder Bernasconi told his son to go for it, even if the customer was not going to pay in advance.

但这名顾客坚持要购买,所以Bernasconi 打电话询问了他的父亲,虽然他自己经营这家酒店的时间超过了20年&,但从未有人要买这瓶1878年的威士忌&。老Bernasconi 告诉他的儿子满足顾客的要求,即使该顾客并不打算预先支付。

'I was nervous,' Bernasconi was quoted as saying, explaining that he was concerned the ancient cork would disintegrate.

“我很紧张,”Bernasconi 解释说他担心的是古老的软木瓶塞会解体。

But everything went down smoothly, including the two-centilitre (0.66-fluid-ounce) measure, Bernasconi said. 

但Bernasconi 表示之后一切都顺利地进行着&,包括量出其中的20ml(0.66盎司)酒液。

Before it was uncorked, the bottle had been valued at 50,000 Swiss francs, a relatively modest price compared to recent record sets by whisky bottles at auction. 


A special collector's blend of Macallan's sold at auction in Hong Kong for nearly $630,000 in 2014.